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14034 - Castello di Annone (ASTI)

Villa Fiorita is an ancient noble residence dating back to the early 19th century, and is located a few km from Asti, on sunny hills facing south overlooking the Tanaro Valley, near Castello di Annone, where the landscape is truly evocative and tells of a glorious history and an important winemaking tradition

The history of Villa Fiorita, one of the most renowned and elegant manor houses, dates back to an illustrious past when in the early 1800s the nobles of Piedmont competed to grab the best slopes to linking the name of the family to the product of the vineyard.

The management is currently entrusted to Francesco Rondolino, who started an important restructuring that took place in the 80s, arranging the historic cellars of the company in a more functional way, and equipping them with new rooms with the most advanced technologies oenological, in which the processing, once the scrupulous work in the vineyard is finished, allows monitoring and supervision of the entire production phases: from vinification to aging in barriques and refinement in bottles.

The proposed line contains a variety of excellent labels, award-winning and renowned nationally and internationally. Worth noting are: Barbera D'Asti Superiore DOCG and Pinot Nero Abaco; as we all know it is not easy to make excellent wine of this grape variety, but these two wines are an example of that excellence that only the Piedmontese can achieve.

Nothing to take away from the intense and elegant Il Giorgione Barbera d'Asti Superiore DOCG, obtained exclusively from Barbera grapes, made with the vineyards on the most suitable slopes of Villa Fiorita hills.

And finally the warm and harmonious Riserva di Famiglia Nero di Villa which is produced from vineyards planted with Pinot Noir clones from Burgundy.


The whole range reflects the great Piedmontese winemaking tradition, where wine and time seems to remain unchanged, but which only expert hands know how to ferry into the present with mastery and foresight.


Monferrato wines

The selection of wines from our cellar includes great classics of the vintners’ tradition. In fact, our production includes Barbera DOCG, Pinot Noir DOC and Sauvignon grapes from our own vineyards cultivated with passion and dedication.

Bottiglie Villa Fiorita
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