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Sorgono (Nuoro)


Cantina del Mandrolisai was founded in 1950 and take the mane from where it originated, Mandrolisai. This is one of the most renowned and traditional wine-producing regions of Sardinia, and also one of the most inland. The wine making vocation of this area stems from its particular geographical characteristics, with high, sunny hills perfectly exposed to the sun. The traditional quality and uniqueness of the wines of this area have earned Mandrolisai the title of Registered Designation of Origin (DOC).

For all Sardinians Mandrolisai means wine. It is a name that stays with you because the wines that originate here are special, they come from vineyards growing high in hills near Sardinia’s highest mountains. These mountains are a presence that changes the climate. They are the guardians of the hills and emit a force that changes the people and their towns.

So the wines, the vineyards and the people of Mandrolisai are different from all others and resemble one another because they bear the sign of the presence of the mountains, in the shadow of which they are born and grow.

It happens that sometimes in conversing with Sardinians about Mandrolisai and of how unique it is, they don’t think about the mountains, the hills surrounding the region; they don’t think of the towns perched on the steep slopes: they think about wine.
And actually there is nothing wrong in this, since the wine contains all of this: the mountains, the hills, our towns and traditions.
For this reason, Mandrolisai is one name only for a land and its wine, and for we who work the land and produce the wine, that is fine with us.


In Sardinia there has always been a great value...

"Respect for the elders!"

They are who have left us the real riches and have handed down to us the true values of this land.
And it is for this that only here, in the serenity of things, with pure air, healthy food and great wine, they can live that long.


Whit the he Greek term of Omphalos (navel) in ancient times was indicated a stone or a sacred item with a strongly symbolic value.
This symbol marked the center of the world.
Perhaps that navel that refers to the island of Atlantis? That same island of which Plato, Homer, Hesiod, Socrates, Aristotle & C. talked about?

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