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Santa Lucia di Piave (Treviso)

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SINCE 1925

In Nadal Wines, the
devotion of Three 





Family passion, between tradition and innovation

Grandfather Mario fell in love with this territory lying on the banks of the Piave river and chose it to start in 1925 the Nadal farm which in the last 40 years, under the direction of his son Valerio, has increasingly specialized in viticulture.


Valerio and his wife Diana are now joined by their sons Alberto and Enrico, who have embraced  the rural tradition combining it with environmental sustainability, to defend and safeguard those that have been family places for a century.

The sense of belonging, respect and care for the earth have always been the peculiar ingredients of Nadal wines.

The guiding principle of “know-how” has also been inherited from his grandfather: Like him, the grandchildren consider themselves artisans, and proudly follow the entire production process: from the bunch to the bottle! What has changed over time is the possibility of protecting the environment and enhancing the vineyards thanks to increasingly advanced techniques and knowledge.


Commitment to sustainability: an integrated ecological system.

The potential of integrated agriculture, the reduction in chemicals and the use of green solutions, are the result of a path of excellence that pursues the quality of product, the defence of biodiversity and the respect for customers. A commitment that cannot be improvised, but it is built over time by using increasingly innovative tools, intelligent machinery and digital technologies.

The objectives are ambitious and concern the work in the vineyard, the management  techniques, the protection of the soil and the defence of the plants in order to reach a new production model that is increasingly ecological and in the same time economically sustainable.

Sustainability has a positive effect on business performance by promoting solutions that meet needs  with a lesser use of resources that brings to improve efficiency in the processes, reduction in cost and in environmental impacts.

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The territory of the Piave river: nature reserve and biodiversity heritage.

The optimal climate, mild and generous, which allow a proper accumulation of sugars, the abundant solar irradiation and a soil rich in minerals, make our vines to grow luxuriantly, benefiting from the richness of these plains lapped by the Piave river and surrounded by the Venetian Alps.

The quality of the soil is essential for the health of the vines and to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the wines. This is the principle according to which our Company chooses an ecologically careful production, since we are aware that the aggressive management of the vineyards turns out to be counterproductive in the long run. The sense of responsibility towards consumers and the enhancement of  vineyards lead us to safeguard the environment in which we work and live. For today and for future generations.

Bottiglie Nadal