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Contrada Ramotta,

 90047 – Partinico (Palermo)


In the wonderful landscape of the hills of Palermo area, between lands caressed by the wind and warmed the Sicilian sun, stands Romano Winery, born from the entrepreneurial will of the family of the same name. Since 1890, the year in which the acquisition of the first vineyards is attested, the company has been able to grasp the unparalleled enological vocation of the territory, dedicating itself for generations, with passion, to the cultivation of vineyards and the transformation of grapes into fine wines.


The current shareholder structure continues to be family-run and includes the president Angelo Romano, his wife Giusy, the son Renato and the daughter Gaia.


The grapes are vinified in an oenological plant equipped with the best technology, under the attention of experienced and highly qualified, young and dynamic staff, following the principles of environmental sustainability.


The corporate restructuring of the vineyards was also carried out with the utmost respect for quality: the number of plants for hectare was increased, but the number of buds for plant decreased, so as to further refine the quality of the grapes.

Some of the most iconic native varieties take place in our vineyards. The whites Catarratto, Grecanico Dorato, Grillo, Inzolia and Zibibbo. The reds Perricone, Nero D'Avola, Nerello Mascalese and Frappato.


"Primeluci" expresses the desire to create a quality product, already enhancing the harvest phase. 

Harvesting during the first light of the day allows you to take advantage of the temperature variations between day and night, getting the best from the harvest. 



"Fawarah" is a term of Arabic origin, it means "copious source of water".

It is an engraving found on a rock during the first works started for the construction of the winery.
We realized the existence of an ancient water source right under the ground where Romano Winery s located today.



"Gaia" in Greek means' 'Earth' 'and in Latin expresses" Joy 'and' 'Happiness".
"Gaia" is the name of the owner, who represents at the best her wine with care and joy so that everyone can find happiness in a glass. 


"Tichè" in Greek mythology indicates the divinity of Lucky. The wines ofthis line are inspired by it. 
"Tichè" is the perfect wine to give when we want to wish luck in abundance! 



"Kammuca" is the name of the land where we produce the grapes used for the wines of this line.
"Kammuca" is our historical estate and it tell about us and our tenacy that distinguished uf for generations.

"Kammuca" is red like the earth but also golden like the sun. It's Sicily to drink with taste!

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