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Corte Lonardi is a small winery located in Marano, in the “green heart” of Valpolicella.



Though the farm is quite young, its roots are immersed in the ancient rural and gastronomic history of the area. The current owner of the winery is Silvia Lonardi, the daughter of its founder Giuseppe Lonardi who, growing up between the fields and the tables of the family owned tavern, was able to combine his passion for wine and cuisine.

Silvia’s great-grandfather Giuseppe, nicknamed “il Bepi”, was the first to transform his love for good food and wine into a business by becoming a restaurateur, and her grandfather Aldo followed in his footsteps.

Sharing this passion with his family, in the early 80s Giuseppe began producing wine supported in this endeavor by his friend, the winemaker Roberto Ferrarini. In our days this farm produces high-quality wines which belong to the tradition of the Valpolicella region and endeavors to identify and enhance novel undiscovered values which lay in the soil of Marano hills, thanks to the fresh creative energy brought by the young daughter Silvia.



You will be welcomed by Silvia Lonardi, who will lead you through the spaces dedicated to the drying of the grapes and the aging, before enjoying our prestigious wines accompanied by local cold cuts and cheese. Furthermore, it is possible to book a special visit with guided winetasting and sensory analysis.
Loving wine, working
and growing up with and for the wine has enhanced our lifes with a unique and inimitable style and this is what we would like you to experience during our winery tours.





Neither the stunning landscape, nor the historical events, nor the artistic monuments, nor the poets words made Valpolicella known as much as its typical product: wine.

Such are the words used by the writer, historian and journalist Giuseppe Silvestri to introduce the topic of wine in his essay La Valpolicella, considered the bible on economic, cultural and social history of the valley. And the famous local red wine represents undeniably one of the most important chapters of this thousand years long history.

Since the times of Retico and Acinatico, precious ancestors of Recioto and Amarone, Valpolicella wines have always been generous protagonists at the table, as generous as the land where they come from. A land with a mild and temperate climate, with soft green hills, geometrically designed by the rows of vines, made even more fertile by the rich alluvial soil.

The valley of Marano lies right in the heart of this paradise, enclosed to the north by the Lessini mountains and spreading to the south towards the vast Po Valley. A natural amphitheater exposed to the sun from dusk till dawn, where delicate, colourful and aromatic wines such as Valpolicella, Recioto and Amarone come into the world.


Amphorae have resurged in the wine industry, offering a unique approach to winemaking. Originally used by ancient civilizations, these clay vessels have become a symbol of traditional winemaking methods.


Corte Lonardi is rediscovering the benefits of amphora, as they allow for a gentle and natural fermentation process. The porous clay contributes to a micro-oxygenation, imparting subtle complexities to the wine.


Additionally, amphora highlight the purity of grape expression, as their neutral material minimizes external influences. Wineries embracing amphorae showcase a commitment to craftsmanship and a desire to connect with winemaking roots, resulting in wines that are not only distinctive but also a testament to the timeless art of winemaking.

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