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Loving Sicily and wanting to tell the world with its precious fruits, this is how my story begins.





Marzia Lo Vecchio is the founder of Siquelia, an explosive encounter, the result of a wonderful interweaving between a “heart”, represented by the passion for nature and a “square”, the desire to do business. 

Two paths that in Marzia’s life have met frequently and that have, in some way, completed her both personally and professionally. With a training in Economics followed by a University Master in business and company management and work experience abroad in the field of microfinance in underdeveloped countries, Marzia has always looked at the corporate world with great admiration and respect, especially for those activities that operate in sectors with a deep humanistic side.

And here at a point in his life came the irrepressible desire to create a reality “all his own”, where he could concentrate the experience and the economic-humanistic formation acquired over time.

Starting from his passion for his land, the beautiful Sicily, from his strong passion for wine and his poetry and predilection for the Economy, his creature “Siquelia” was born. A company with a decidedly marked feminine imprint and rich in passion, simplicity and elegance, conducted by her intuition and her emotions, which grows every day with strength thanks to the people who believe in it and who contribute to forming its full identity.

And we cannot fail to mention Vincenzo Bambina, her oenologist and teacher, who believed in her and in her project from the beginning and those who know him know …. who is a great professional, true and sincere and who demands that in the cellar you can taste in religious silence … because the wine rests..! And he teaches that until the wine is technically and emotionally perfect it does not bottle even in the face of countless commercial requests.


Siquelia is the heart of Sicily that comes back in the form of wine and a great adventure that leads Marzia daily to look beyond, because it is in the nature of life the change and she in a short time was yet another proof of this.


In life she is the mother of two beautiful children, Elisabetta and Emanuele, who decided to grow up trying not to delegate their education to others and is the wife of a man who is pleased, living and savoring, through the madness of love, its multiple expressions.


SIQUELIA is a female company, dynamic and with a strong and decisive character, based on the passion for its land, with its ancient winemaking traditions, mixed with a sophisticated and refined creative taste. With it comes a contemporary line of high quality wines, produced with fine grapes of native varieties grown in the Belice Valley, vinified in Partinico in the cellar of the Oenologist Vincenzo Bambina, which expresses the territory in its wide fusion between agriculture and art, which tells a Sicily of ancient and modern wine.



The SIQUELIA wines are produced with grapes grown in the Alto Belice, currently one of the most renowned areas of Sicily for the production of quality wines, also where vines and wine have always been a constant presence. The terrains, mostly hilly, are of medium texture mainly clayey and located at altitudes ranging from 350 to 450 m s.l.m., with favorable exposures to the east / west.

This area has ideal microclimatic conditions with intense sunlight, mild temperatures, perfect for viticulture and also has a good temperature excursion between day and night, a key factor for the natural ripening process of the grapes and for the concentration of aromatic substances in their skins, which are able to retain a perfect balance, remarkable elegance and unique aromas that tie the wines to their territory of origin.

The vinification takes place without particular technical measures, in order not to alter the original qualitative potential of the grapes and its territorial expressions of origin.

The aging of white monovarietal wines takes place in thermoconditioned stainless steel tanks for 5/6 months, where it rests on the noble lees and the aging of red monovarietal wines takes place for 75% in thermoconditioned stainless steel tanks for 16/18 months and the remaining part for about 6/8 months in oak barrels french of 25 HL.

Bottiglie Siqulia